Let’s redesign health

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What is “health” in the year 2014? Is health being completely free from illness? Is it more, like the “state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being”, as the World Health Organization described it in 1946? Is health an abstract state that can hardly be reached in practice?

Back in 1914 people probably already considered themselves “healthy” if the condition of their body allowed them to master their everyday life. So as long as they were able to go to work without fainting they were probably fine.

Today we expect more. Healthcare is no longer the mere the treament of life-threatened patients and therapy for people who are limited in their “functionality”.

Today we are able to adapt a patient’s diet to his DNA. We are able to identify nearly every genetical disposition for basically everything. In a few years everyone of us will wear devices to track our vital signs and blood results. Healthcare is not anymore about Surviving and functionality. Healthcare is about eliminating any risk for our body and maximizing quality of life.

But what will health look like in 2030? Will we be able to cure cancer and all forms of virusses and grow new arms and legs?
Will the term healthy

In this blog I want to share opinions, projects and insights around the topic healthcare.

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